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Playoffs? Don't Talk About Playoffs! Playoffs?

Out in here in the fields....

I saw The Mavericks back in 1996, the Alt-Country quartet that was lead by Raul Malo. With numerous different colored lava lamps along the stage, the band delivered a hot set of songs from their first 2 releases including O What a Thrill, What a Crying Shame, Here Comes The Rain, etal. They topped the show off with a dead-on reading of Roy Orbison's Crying. The Mavs were on tour supporting their second CD release - Music For All Occasions. A title which applies here.

[The Mavericks - What a Crying Shame (live)]

The occasion is the NFL playoffs. To quote then Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Mora: "Playoffs? don't talk about playoffs! playoffs?" I was fortunate enough to see several NFL games this year, but unfortunately the team that I root for did not make the playoffs. However, in honor of those that did, here is The Corner's tribute to those teams and my predictions.


Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons:
Alison Krauss sang "Oh, Atlanta I hear you calling; I'm coming back to you one fine day; No need to worry, There ain't no hurry cause I'm on my way back to Georgia". I saw Alison bring down the house with this one at the IBMA fan fest in 1995.

[Alison Krauss - Oh, Atlanta (live)]

The Falcons were an R&B group out of Detroit, Michigan whose original member included Eddie Floyd. As a solo artist, Floyd along with Steve Cropper would write the 1966 Eddie Floyd hit Knock On Wood. Another future Falcon member, Wilson Pickett scored a hit with The Falcons in 1962 I Found a Love. In 1995 I attended the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and saw many artists, including Wislon Pickett. Wilson was still wicked belting out Mustang Sally, Midnight Hour and others.

Arizona Cardinals:
Wilco released in 1996 one of my favorite all-time sets Being There. A double album full of great songs. I plan on reviewing Being There on this blog later on. Jeff Tweedy sang "Hotel in Arizona, made us all want to feel like stars" in the terrific song from Being There, Hotel Arizona. Another artist in the same vein, Alejandro Escovedo, recorded the fine song Arizona, from his 2006 release The Boxing Mirror.

[Wilco - Hotel Arizona (live)]

After being a member of the Alt-Country outfit, Whiskeytown, and recording several solo records, the prolific Ryan Adams teamed up with the backing band The Cardinals. Adams and the Cardinals have released a series of alt-country albums. Magnolia Mountain from 2005's Cold Roses is an excellent song.

My Pick: Atlanta Falcons over Arizona Cardinals 24-21

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers

Indianapolis Colts:
In 1970 R.Dean Taylor had a hit with Indiana Wants Me. The song is about a man on the lam from the law. John Mellecamp, a resident of Indiana sang "Come on baby take a ride with me; I'm up from Indiana down to Tennessee; Everything is cool as can be in a peaceful world". Check out John's tribute version for New York City after 911.

[John Mellencamp - Peaceful World (Concerts for NY City)]

Bob Marley and the Wailers recorded a song called Who Colt the Game.

San Diego Chargers:
Bruce Springsteen sang in the classic epic Rosalita, "I know a pretty little place in Southern California down San Diego way". This song is always a great concert song.

The Chargers nickname are the bolts as in lightning bolts. Call Me Lightning was a typical early sounding classic song by The Who. Now ladies and gentlemen, dig The Who!

[The Who - Call Me Lightning (video)]

My Pick: Indianapolis Colts over San Diego Chargers 31-21

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