Friday, January 16, 2009


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

I love The Beatles; I love songs that remind me of the Beatles. Occasionally a new song or a new band comes along with a hint of that Beatles sound; Beatlesque.

The Smithereens have alway been Beatlesque. Since back in 1986 when Especially For You came out with it's throwback to the 60's sound and hints of fabness. In 2007 The Smithereens covered the entire Meet The Beatles album with their own versions entitled Meet The Smithereens. This was somewhat of a novel idea, being somewhat risky and safe at the same time. The new versions paled in comparison, but they still had a charm of their own. In 2008 The Smithereens came back with another tip of the hat to the fab four with B Sides-The Beatles. I find these covers of the fab four's b-sides and rarities even more charming.

[The Smithereens - B Sides-The Beatles]

The highlight for me is Some Other Guy, a song that I remember mostly in the footage of the early Beatles playing in the Cavern Club.

[Beatles - Some Other Guy (1962-The Cavern Club)]

It also reminds me that several years ago I saw a show on PBS called John Lennon's Jukebox( The show was about the music that John Lennon had on his own Jukebox. Several of the songs, The Beatles covered in the early part of their career. One of the songs was Some Other Guy by The Big Three. I tried to find that version of the song after that but to no avail.

I was recently listening to my station on Pandora ( and heard a song that wreaked of Bealesque. The band was The Minders and the song Hooray For Tuesday. I found the CD on Amazon and after only one listen I am impressed with the 1960's vibe and Rubber Soul-era sound. More later...

[The Minders - Yeah Yeah Yeah]

Along the same lines, there is a very interesting read on the Esquire Magazine website - quotes from Little Steve Van Zandt:
On the Beatles..."February 8, 1964, there was not one single rock 'n' roll band in the country. February 9, the Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show. February 10, everyone had one. In the garage. "Garage rock" is traditional rock 'n' roll. If you think of it as the early Stones, you're fine."


[The Monkees - No Time]

[Badfinger - Come and Get It]

[The Cars - My Best Friend's Girlfriend]

[The Rain Parade - I Look Around]

[Tears For Fears - Sowing the Seeds of Love]

[Oasis - Wonderwall]

Football Note:
After going 4 - 4 the first 2 weekends I'll march on;

Pittsburgh Steelers over Baltimore Ravens 18-14

Arizona Cardinals over Philadelphia Eagles 34-24

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