Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best of the 00's: A Ghost is Born

I'm going away where you will look for me; Where I'm going you cannot come; No one's ever gonna take my life from me, I lay it down; A ghost is born... (Wilco - Theolgians)

Wilco followed up their 2002 break through cd Yankee Hotel Foxtrot with 2004’s solid A Ghost is Born. Ghost continued in the experimental direction that was started on Summerteeth and continued on YHF. Ghost is an amazing diverse collection of songs.

The cd opens with a great song, the jaw dropping At Least That’s What You Said; it starts softly, but then the Neil Young style guitar kicks in and the song becomes a powerful tune in the mode of Wilco's great tune Misunderstood.

Spiders (Kidsmoke) is built around a hypnotic rythym that seems to pull you into it's web as Jeff Tweedy tells you about spiders filling out their tax forms; Muzzle of Bees and Hummingbird are those brilliant melodic tunes that Jeff Tweedy writes in his sleep; "His goal is life was to be an echo" from Hummingbird.

Other great songs on the cd include Company in My Back, I'm a Wheel and Theologians; the later is maybe my favorite song of the last decade.

Wilco cds have been in heavy rotation in my players this decade. Ghost is probably my favorite Wilco cd since Being There.

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