Saturday, March 15, 2014

Old 97s Arriving At the Station in April

And I may be leavin' myself open to a murder or a heart attack, but I'm leavin' the back door open 'Til you come back, 'til you come back... Old 97s - Murder (or a Heart Attack)

I am already excited about the April 29th release of the Old 97s latest platter of rock entitled Most Messed Up.  I have been re-listening to some of their older stuff including 1999's great album Fight Songs.  One of the songs that I have been recently playing a bunch, Murder (or a Heart Attack), I finally realized what it is about.  After repeated listens, the song that I thought was about a girl leaving was really about a cat running away.  I actually read this on their website...

"Charlie – The name of a cat belonging to a former roommate of Rhett Miller during his full-time stay in L.A. One day Charlie ran off, prompting a frantic, guilt-ridden search, and turmoil. And songwriting. And the Old 97’s first radio hit.

QUOTE:“And the whole damn complicated situation could’ve been avoided if I’d only shut the window…” – “Murder (Or A Heart Attack)”
P.S. – Charlie came home."

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