Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best of the 00's: Live in New York City

Two hearts girl get the job done, two hearts are better than one... (Bruce Springsteen - Two Hearts)

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band released Born in the USA in 1984 and then toured for almost 2 years. Bruce released the semi solo record Tunnel of Love in 1987 and toured with the E Street gang. Some time there after Bruce broke with the band with the intention of playing with new people, maybe getting some fresh sounds and ideas. It didn't really work. Bruce's work in the 90's was muddy and lacked something (er... E Street Band maybe).

Then in 1998 Tracks was released. The most exciting release since the mid-80's. Tracks was a history of the band and Bruce in the form of unreleased tracks. The early stuff was gold to these ears and the later stuff included some of those that got away. This release seem to excite everyone on E Street. It excited the band so much that they got together for the Reunion Tour or as I like to call it the Glory Days Tour. This was the first tour that included both Nils Lofgren who joined the band during the Born in the USA era and Little Steven Van Zandt who left during that time.

I caught the tour in both Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH. Both shows were great, but the first of those was in Louisville. The new reconstituted E Street Band came out in went into Don't Look Back from Tracks, Prove It All Night, Two Hearts... well we were 3 songs in and it felt like we had seen an entire concerts worth of material. That tour was one of my all time favorites. So when I heard that the band was going to release a live album I was very excited. Live In New York City came out and when I played it driving down the road, I remember the chill bumps and hairs standing up on my arms.

Live in NYC starts similar to the Louisville concert with My Love Will Not Let You Down from Tracks, Prove It All Night and then Two Hearts. After you try to catch your breath, the cd steam rolls along with a great version of Atlantic City. Mansion on the Hill, a duet between Bruce and Patty follows. Then a different version of the River; I didn't like this version at first because it was different. It grew on me and now I like it, I like it alot...

Youngstown followed played by the full band for the fist time on this tour. What a powefull song.

There are many highlights including the sing-a-long Out in the Streets, Lost in the Flood, Born to Run, If I Should Fall Behind (with lead singing parts from Bruce, Little Steven, Patty, Clarence and Nils) and ny favorite concert song ever Jungleland. I've seen this song live a few times and this song unites performer and audience like no other song.

Bruce and the band proved that 2 hearts are better than one on the Reunion Tour which was my favorite tour of the 00's. This souvenir from the tour was one of the best cds of the 00's.

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